The VGTC working on his command from the following values ​​and vision:

  • The VGTC considers the Flemish Sign Language as a full-fledged language with its own grammar, its own vocabulary.
  • The VGTC sees language as a fundamental element in identity formation. (Speaking) identities, however, according to our dynamic (see the concept of “Deafhood”) and context-dependent: deaf move in different communities and can identify with different (language) communities.
  • The VGTC considers the community of VGT users as a diverse language community. Flemish Sign Language is a language by different groups with different degrees of competence is used, including Deaf native signers, but equally d / Deaf people who acquire later in life VGT and hearing which VGT learn mother tongue or as a foreign language. However, it also VGTC opposes parochialism and considers the various groups VGT users are not as rigid categories.
  • The VGTC underlines the importance of cooperation between deaf and hearing people. This is reflected both in the composition of the association and in the recruitment of paid staff.
  • The VGTC is convinced of the richness of a bilingual education compared to an education in one language. This is the opposite of the prevailing view that VGT only be learned “if necessary”.
  • The VGTC sees VGT as a means of promoting greater accessibility of society for the deaf and especially as an important element in the pursuit of full citizenship for the deaf.