Deze tekst is bedoeld voor het SignON-project. Daarom is de oproep in International Sign en In het Engels.

The SignON project (, website under construction) is a user-centric and community driven project that aims to facilitate the exchange between users of spoken languages and deaf sign language users. The 3-year project has received Horizon 2020 funding of 5,6 million euros to conduct research to develop a mobile solution for automatic translation between sign languages and spoken/written languages. Vlaams Gebarentaalcentrum (the Flemish Sign Language Center, is recognized by the Flemish Government (Dutch-speaking region of Belgium) as a knowledge and coordination center for Flemish Sign Language. As a partner in the SignON project, VGTC is responsible for communication, dissemination and exploitation of the project.

For the communication and dissemination of information and results about our project we are looking for a website developer to give our website a modern, professional and (deaf) user friendly look. Inextricably linked to the construction of our new website, we also ask for the design of our corporate style that should strengthen the brand of our project.

Expectations of new website:

  • Pages mainly contain texts and translated videos in International Sign with information about the project and partners;
  • Website must include news updates about the progress of our project;
  • It is easy for VGTC to add news, updates and new pages by themselves;
  • It must also be possible (in a later phase) to add surveys that can be filled in by deaf users (every question has a translation video).

Expectations of corporate design:

  • Create new logo;
  • Set up guidelines for our corporate style (with use of color, typography, style elements, etc.)
  • Create templates for PowerPoints among other things;
  • Optional: create newsletter.

Profile and conditions:

  • You have experience with creating websites for the deaf and/or sign language community;
  • You master English and International Sign (for communication with our staff members);
  • The project will run for three years, it is important that we can always call on your services during the entire period, even after the publication of our website.

How to apply:

If you are interested, please send us your price quotation. You can check for reference of the content of our new website. Don’t forget to mention the prices for the after-sales service in your quotation. We would also like to see your portfolio of previous website works for the deaf and/or sign language community. In your offer, make a clear distinction between prices for website development and for the design of the corporate style. If you wish, you can quote only for the website development or only for the corporate design.

Please send your price quotation via email to Deadline for application: 28 February 2021