Deze tekst is bedoeld voor het SignON-project. Daarom is de oproep in International Sign en In het Engels.

The SignON project (, website under construction) is a user-centric and community driven project that aims to facilitate the exchange between users of spoken languages and deaf sign language users. The 3-year project has received Horizon 2020 funding of 5,6 million euros to conduct research to develop a mobile solution for automatic translation between sign languages and spoken/written languages. Vlaams Gebarentaalcentrum (the Flemish Sign Language Center, is recognized by the Flemish Government (Dutch-speaking region of Belgium) as a knowledge and coordination center for Flemish Sign Language. As a partner in the SignOn project, VGTC is responsible for communication, dissemination and exploitation of the project.

The project focuses on Irish, British, Dutch, Flemish and Spanish sign languages and English, Irish, Dutch and Spanish as spoken languages. For the dissemination of information and results about our project we are looking for translators and/or translation services to translate our written English source texts into their national sign languages (as mentioned above) and International Sign. The project is still in the start-up phase, so it has not yet been determined how many texts to be translated are involved. There will be more texts to be translated to International Sign than to national sign languages. We appeal to translators who are interested and can make themselves available for translating our texts over a period of three years.


  • Mastery of English at an understanding level;
  • You master one (or more) of the following sign languages as a native user: Irish Sign Language, British Sign Language, Nederlandse Gebarentaal, Vlaamse Gebarentaal, Lengua de Signos Española;
  • You are a qualified translator/interpreter (diploma or certificate), or have at least 3 years of experience interpreting and translating into sign language;
  • You have experience with translating or interpreting from English to International Sign;
  • You have experience in translating or interpreting in front of the camera;
  • Some affinity with computer science (e.g. machine learning and language technology) is a plus.


  • You can deliver the translation video in one week after we have provided the source text;
  • You own or have access to a (semi-)professional green key studio with good lighting and a 4K camera to deliver a high-quality video;
  • The project lasts three years, so ideally you are always available until the end of the project;
  • We prefer to work with a price quotation based on the number of source words in the texts to be translated.

How to apply:

  1. Send us your resume with relevant information demonstrating you meet the profile and conditions described above. If you act as a translation company, a portfolio that shows the translation work experience is sufficient.
  2. Send us a video with the text below translated into International Sign:“Through collaboration with these European deaf and hard of hearing communities, researchers will define use-cases, co-design and co-develop the SignON service and application. The objective of the research project is the fair, unbiased and inclusive spread of information and digital content in European society. The SignON communication service will be more than an advanced machine translation system. Behind the scenes, SignON will incorporate sophisticated machine learning capabilities that will allow (i) learning new Sign and oral languages; (ii) style-, domain- and useradaptation and (iii) automatic error correction, based on user feedback. To the user, SignON will deliver signed conversations via a life-like avatar built with latest graphics technologies.”Ideally you record the test video in a (semi-) professional green key studio, so we can test it in our editing software. If you cannot immediately record a video in a studio due to time constraints or the coronavirus outbreak, we understand that. In that case a regular video from home is acceptable.
  3. Make a price quotation with standard prices of translation work (for translation to International Sign and to your national sign language). We prefer to work with a price quotation and invoices based on the number of source words. Please mention in your quotation if you have to rely on the rental costs of a green key studio with necessary record materials and if you need a monitor (with good affinity with computer science) to support you in translating our texts containing computer science jargon sometimes.

Please send the required materials via email to indicating in the subject line: “Apply for translation SignOn”. Deadline for application: 28 February 2021.

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